The Spooky Fuzz: A Fuzz Pedal and Ghost Detector

For the Halloween season, I have designed the Spooky Fuzz pedal. The pedal is a Fuzz Face with a EMF Ghost Detector built-in. EMF is an acronym for electromagnetic field, if you are wondering.

How Does the Ghost Detector Work?

The Ghost Detector works by detecting changes in the electromagnetic field caused by ghosts in the surrounding area. The EMF antenna detects any EMF fluctuations caused by ghosts. The EMF detection circuit then measures the fluctuations and will turn on the light when the ghost is detected. If there any fluctuations in the surrounding electromagnetic field, the detector LED will go on. If the light goes on, then RUN!

The EMF Ghost Detector is based on the following schematic.

The Spooky Fuzz Pedal Stripboard Layout

The Spooky Fuzz has an antenna attached to the side.

The Spooky Fuzz in Action
The Spooky Fuzz decorated with stickers found at a local discount store.

Happy Halloween! Have fun making your own Spooky Fuzz!

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