Big Muff Pi V2 1973 #3 Vero Layout

Recently, I had been reading about the development and history behind the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi to research building my own BMP. It is, most likely, the most historic guitar distortion effects pedal. I recommend reading Kit’s Secret Guitar Page’s Big Muff history and The Big Muff Pi Page’s Evolution of the Big Muff Pi Circuit if you are interested in guitar effects pedals.

The schematic I had based my Vero build on was found on the Evolution page is the “V2 “73” RAMS HEAD BIG MUFF PI – First Circle Face version.” This version uses 10K collector resistors and limiting resistors. The V2
1973 #3 also uses 0.1uF (100N) Mylar film capacitors instead of polarized electrolytic capacitors. The Mylar film capacitors and 10K resistors do not effect the pedals gain at all. Using film capacitors is actually an advantage over electrolytic capacitors.

Big Muff Pi V2 1973 #3 Schematic found on the Big Muff Page

The final result is a great sounding distortion pedal. I recommend giving the build a try.

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